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Mar 16, 2011

Hot & Spicy Toddy Cocktail Time

Is it cold and dreary outside? Have you had a hard day and need a little boozy booze? That’s how we felt so I made a warm cocktail that will make you feel hot and spicy! BAM!

Hot & Spicy Tody

Hot and Spicy Toddy, is my new favorite winter warmer cocktail. All you need is some “Sweet & Spicy” tea made by Good Earth, either caffeinated or caffeine free, some good Rum, and honey. We recently received a bottle of Don Q Rum all the way from Puerto Rico via a generous co-worker, then I found the perfect application. Thanks Miguel!

The secret to this drink is to let the Tea steep for as long as you can wait because the longer you wait the better it tastes. Then mix in the honey and add the rum at the end. Now drink up!

Hot in here!

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